• From the Desk of Sean Snyder

    Transportation Supervisor

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  • Gavin District 37 is responsible for safely transporting students from grades PreK-8. Our buses meet strict safety standards set by State and Federal regulations. Our drivers have the following training and

     Initial and annual classroom training by State of Illinois Instructors.
     Random drug and alcohol testing.
     Criminal background checks by the State of Illinois and FBI (fingerprints).
     Annual physical exam.
     District safety meetings.

    We want every student to have a positive experience while riding the school bus. Drivers will explain
    the safety rules to students to help give them an understanding of the expectations. Parents can help by
    reinforcing the following bus behavior expectations:

     Arrive to your bus stop 5 minutes early.
     Sit in your assigned seat (no switching seats).
     No eating or drinking is allowed.
     Keep hands and feet to yourself and out of the aisle.
     Use appropriate language (no swearing, racial slurs, bullying).
     No fighting.
     Use an inside voice.
     Get off the bus at your designated stop.

    Students in PreK and Kindergarten MUST have an adult at the bus stop. If there is no adult present, the student will be brought back to school and the parent must pick up there.
    Gavin’s Transportation Policy states that children will be assigned 1 bus stop on a permanent 5 day a week basis. No daily phone calls or written requests will be honored except for a real emergency. A half day of school does not constitute and emergency.

    If you have any questions or comments, please call me at 847-629-6024

    Thank you,
    Sean Snyder
    Transportation Supervisor