Art Club

  • Art Club is for students that are interested in having more time to work on their individual art ideas and explore materials they may not get to work with in Art class very much. Students can also use this club time to catch up on art projects they are behind on in Art class or to work on group activities with other club members.
    Students interested in Art Club will be required to pay the Gavin South Middle School office a $30.00 club fee.

Homework Club

  • Description: Homework Club is a quiet place where students can work and get help with their homework. Students are asked to gather all necessary materials before start of club. Computers are available to check grades and work on school projects only.

    Who can join: Homework Club is free and open to all students grades 5-8th. Students will sign in at the start of the activity.

Jazz Band




National Junior Honor Society

  • *Students will be invited and selected in the upcoming months. Please stay tuned! 

    Who can join - 7th and 8th graders - will be determined by GPA

    Meetings - Wednesdays after school 

    Cost to join: $30

Poet-Tree Club



     Sept. 24    Feb. 4, 18   

       Oct. 1, 15, 29    March 3, 17, 31     

    Nov. 12, 26     April 14, 28   

       Dec. 10     May 12, 26 

    Jan. 7, 21                     


     PLACE: The Rhyme Room (213 - Mr. Sullivan's Room)

    Poet-Tree Club is:

    -A gathering that supports and encourages creativity

    -A safe place where students express authentically

    -An experience that is open to all students

    What we do:

    -We write poetry.

    -We read poetry.

    -We view spoekn word poetry videos.

    -We give honest feedback on other's work.

    Who we are:



    -Supportive Critics

    -Kids with Voices

    -Truth Tellers

    -Experienced Poets

    -Inexperiences Poets

    -Grades 5-8

Soccer Club

Good Vibe Tribe

  • WHAT: A student club focused on impproving mental and physical well-being through calming and finess activities.

    (Think- meditations/yoga, breathing exercises, nature walks, calming art and craft projects - glitter jars, stress balls, coloring & fitness/exercise!)


    WHEN: Thursday, September 5th, 2019. 3:20pm Late Bus available home

    WHERE: Mr. Sullivan's Room (downstairs)

    CLUB SPONSORS:  Mrs. Christopherson & Mr. Sullivan - come see us with any questions.


  • Description: Teachers and staff work collaboratively to give students a great yearbook each year. Yearbooks are on sale now – see the office or your homeroom teacher for an order form.

    Who can join: Because of the time constraints and knowledge of computer programs, students are selected by teachers and staff to join Yearbook Club. If you / your student shows an interest, please have him/her speak to one of the sponsors.

    Activity Dates: Depends on when student help is needed.

    Sponsors: Carrie Lieding