• Physical Development and Health

    The ultimate goal of health and physical education programs is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to attain healthy and active lifestyles. Students will be exposed to a variety of activities and sports learning the skills needed to eventually participate in a self-selected active lifestyle. Healthy and physically active lifestyles have a positive impact on work, positive behavior choices, and increased academic success.


    Our District #37 health curriculum teaches students skills to increase physical, mental and social health. The overarching standards include the following: Health Promotion and Prevention; Human Body Systems and Development; and, Health Communication and Decision-Making. Students in grades K-5 are taught health education through physical education classes. In grades 6-8, students participate in health as a part of the Specials rotation which meets during one trimester, and the Health teachers align their instruction to clear learning targets to introduce these important goals.

    Physical Education

    Physical education class in grades K-4 (daily PE) teaches the importance of regular physical activity and life-long teamwork and fitness skills. Students in grades 5-8 also participate in daily physical education. Physical education courses focus on movement skills, physical fitness, and team building. Using the Fitnessgram program, students set personal goals to improve physical fitness.


    Below are the proficiency maps with standards, learning targets, and topical units for each grade level as aligned to the Illinois Physical Education and Health learning standards.


    Grade Kindergarten PE-Health Proficiency Map

    Grade 1 PE-Health Proficiency Map

    Grade 2 PE-Health Proficiency Map

    Grade 3 PE-Health Proficiency Map

    Grade 4 PE-Health Proficiency Map

    Grade 5 PE-Health Proficiency Map

    Grade 6 PE Proficiency Map

    Grade 7 PE Proficiency Map

    Grade 8 PE Proficiency Map

    Grades 6-8 Health Proficiency Maps